Working Out While Traveling/Vacation

It's five days before your vacation and you have been great with work outs and nutrition. You are mentally preparing for a little more desert, sweets and some delicious food at restaurants which is ok, you'll get back home and lose the water weight you gained with ease. BUT what about the working out part? Are you prepared for that? Most aren't, actually I polled some of my Instagram followers and almost 70% of the poll said they take a week off training or just do random things when on vacation.

While I am all for enjoying oneself and relaxing and having fun. But, personally for me vacation is vacation, I do not have work, a normal schedule, nothing to tend to, nothing to be stressed about (hopefully), and I can kind of do things when I want. Therefore when it comes to training on vacation for me. Usually it is a first in the morning thing so my family and I have time to do things in the afternoon and night. Second off, it takes me 5-10 minutes to search gyms near me, go to the gym and pay x amount of dollars for a guest pass.

I know I've heard it all, there no gyms near me, there are no good gyms, there is not enough time to workout on vacation, I do not have a ride. All valid to the individual but if you want to do something you will do something. Personally for me I can always stay on track while on the road because lifting and my health is important to me therefore I will make it a priority to workout. While I do understand that most islands do not have gyms and or resorts or cruises have gyms or training capabilities, that is fine but if you are in the US and or even out of the country, training should still be done. And not just going into the gym doing 12 random movements and saying I worked out while on vacation.

The simplest way to train while on vacation is this.

  1. Find a gym near you.

  2. Call and ask their guest pass price and workout a deal with the gym. (I just got unlimited guest passes for $20 at this one gym.)

  3. See what equipment the gym has

  4. Take your normal routine, cut it in half, pick the movements you can do at the gym add 1-2 sets to them and or 2-3 reps to each and or add more weight (due to more calories)

  5. What I mean by cut the workout in half is this say you do 8 movements usually just do 4 instead, add a little more weight than usual, rest a tad longer, add 1-2 more sets and 2-3 more reps and bam. Simple and effective. A good guide is leg, push, pull, push/pull for your movements (squat, flat press, pull ups, dips or 1 arm row)

5. If you are going away for 6 days, workout 3 of them, plan the days you are going to workout, tell your family you are going to workout, ask to borrow the car. If that means being able to workout then you'll have to go early to borrow the car. Maybe grab a sibling and go to the gym.

6. If you do not want to do anything then do not but do not complain after vacation about how you feel, look or got "weaker".

Per say you are like "I just want to not lift weights and take some time off" great, well deserved but still do something. Here are some suggestions if you are like "F weights I want a break"...

1. Plan 4+ mile walks with your husband, wife, girlfriend, family, boyfriend, etc

2. Go swimming for 1-3 hours a day, you maybe by the ocean already go race your siblings or girlfriend or boyfriend or spouse or whoever it may be.

3. Go for a bike ride with the family or kids or yourself!

4. Plan some adventures like hiking or rope adventures like Go Ape, or go rock climbing or something different!

5. Do not sit down all day and just eat like a slob.

I'm not saying working out is a must on vacation but it can easily be done and really honestly should be done. Vacation is usually a time where you eat more, sleep more, drink a little more and are way off routine. When you go away you do so for 3-10 days per say, you come back and it feels like you've been away forever and you did not workout during those days so you say "ehh whatever I'll get back to the gym", you do not rush it, you push it to the side and just say you'll get back to it. Usually taking 4+ days off the gym can do 1 of 2 things to the average person, (1) make the person really want get back to working out or (2) make the person complacent, stagnant and just push working out off to the side until they feel motivated to do so again.

Most go on vacation per say three times a year, now let's say they go away for a total of 30 days of vacation that is one full month. Imagine not working out or do any form of exercise for one month? That's the way I look at. Hope this helps, any questions let me know how I can help. My email is

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