WHO *new* Exercise Guidelines

If you have not already, the WHO (World Health Organization) has released new exercise guidelines, and let's just say a lot of people fall short of these new guidelines.

The new guidelines state that ADULTS should be participating in 150 to 300 minutes of MODERATE to vigorous exercise a week. Adolescents should be exercising 60 minutes PER day. 65-years and older should be participating in some form of resistance training/exercise program. Pregnant women should still be active during and post-pregnancy's.

Which has left a lot people either happy or annoyed. The happy crowd are probably the personal trainers who are sitting there like, I can leverage this to attract more clients. The annoyed folks are probably the people who know they fall short of 150 to 300 minutes of exercise a week and are saying "WTF, I have other things to do, I can't exercise that much a week!"

To each their own. Despite how you look at this, perhaps you can look at this unobjectively.

  1. 150 minutes of exercise a week is 3-days a week of workouts lasting 1 hour. You actually exceed 150 minutes a week if you workout three time's a week for one hour. To meet the bare minimum requirement you would need to work out for 50 minutes, three times a week.

  2. 300 minutes of exercise a week is 50 minutes of exercise, six days a week.

  3. The WHO also claimed that 5 million deaths could have been adverted (avoided) if people were more active.

  4. The WHO also claimed that lack of activity and poor health has cost the US $54 billion/year in health care.

  5. The WHO also claimed that the US lose $14 million/year in lose of productivity.

  6. Regular physical activity has been proven and shown to helping prevent diseases, such as heart disease, type-2 diabetes, cancer AS WELL as helping reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, cognitive decline and HELPING improve memory and boosting the brain.

What is listed above is something that I did not just come up with out of the blue, this is what the WHO has stated in their article you can check it out yourself by going here. (you have to click the word "here" to get to the article)

However you feel about the new exercise guidelines is non of my business. But, I hope you can perhaps find some use in what I will be telling you later in the article.

If you are someone who wants to meet the 150 minute mark of exercise a week here are three ways you can do it.

  1. Strength train 3-days a week for 50 minutes. That could be three full body days. Day 1 consisting of 2-lower body movements, 2-upper body movements, 1-core movement and finished with jump roping, a 10-minute walk or 10-minute cool down on the bike or treadmill. Day 2 off, repeat the same structure for day 3 (with different movements), day 4 off, repeat the same structure for day 5 (add in 1 more upper body movement).

  2. You do not like lifting weights. You can go for a run then. But one caveat with running is be mindful of your experience with running. If you have no prior success running do not come out the gates trying to run 3 miles on the first day. Perhaps run 1 mile at a pace you can handle and then walk 1 mile and gradually increase from there.

  3. Do not like strength training? Or running? Maybe join a group class. Find a few friends and get together to do a class together for 1 hour. Just understand that group classes are not designed for one person in mind they are made tp keep you moving, busy, and doing something. They are not made with the intention and overall muscle gain and muscle building qualities. Most group classes are made to make you sweat and burn a lot of calories.

  4. Don't like all three? Just do something active for 35+ minutes a day 1-2x a day. Garden in your backyard, mow your lawn, rack leaves, dig holes, clean your house, walk your dogs, go run around outside with your kids or friends, go roller skating, go skate boarding, go swimming, do something is my message.

Obesity and being unhealthy is really not acceptable anymore. I am all for loving who you are and loving your body. But if you have a loved who does crack everyday you do not tell them, that's ok as long as you love yourself and accept them. No you help them get clean and get help. The same goes for being over weight and obese, sure love yourself but admit you have something to fix and it is not healthy to be 75+ lbs over weight and barely able to walk up and down the stairs or unable to go grocery shopping without a motorized cart or having difficulty standing up for long period of times or you are out of breathe after walking 10 blocks with friends. Getting healthy and taking control of your health starts with you wanting to do it and from there you have to find the right people to help you in the process. Do not do it alone and have a group of supportive, kind, educated friends to help you in the process of getting healthy and taking control of your health.

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