A Nation In Pain!

How many of you have experienced pain in your life? Whether it is daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, chronic do you feel pain for a prolonged period of time and have no idea why? Well, you are not alone. It is not new news to anyone that Americans are in pain daily as the obesity rate continues to rise, Americans become lazier every day and year. With little to infrequent movement and activity everyday, on top of a processed food diet, poor sleep patterns we have pushed pain onto ourselves as a nation.  A study conducted in 2012, found 11.2 percent (25.3 million) Americans are in pain everyday for longer than 3 months and nearly 40 million adults (17.6%) experience severe levels of pain. Remember that study was from 2012 fast forward seven years and 20.4 percent (50 million) of Americans have chronic pain (most days or every day for six plus months).  50 million Americans living in chronic pain everyday. When do you think we will wake up as a nation and decide to take action and live a healthy, functional life? It amazes me everyday the amount of excuses I hear from people that they can’t or don’t workout, the amount of people who are in pain but refuse to get help as they say “there is nothing they can do” or “they tried and nothing worked”. I can’t rationalize or understand the young individuals in today’s culture who push off their health and wellness everyday and every year. Some may say it is too late for older adults to get healthy again but that is not true. Some young adults (18-26  years-old) may say they are healthy while they are far from it. The question I have is next time you feel pain and continuously push it off for months on end, ask yourself “do I want to play with my kids and grand kids?”  Where do most Americans feel pain? The lower back. It was reported in the 2012 study that 27% of Americans suffer from lower back pain, let’s assume how much higher that number is now. Severe headache and migraine pain (15%) and neck pain (15%). All three of these areas could very well be due to injuries from your childhood or injuries from sports or work, whatever it may be. You never paid attention to it and now have to deal with chronic pain everyday. But a lot of these you can fix with attention and some patience. Lower back pain (something I dealt with for 1.5 years) and something I fixed on my own was managed and fixed by rehabilitation exercises and having the proper knowledge of why I was hurting. Migraines and headaches, very very fixable with adjustments in diet, sleep and exercise. Neck pain, fixable with adjustments in posture, exercise and reducing stress.  How does pain affect Americans? Well based on some questions and answers done by the “thegoodbody.com” 4 out of 10 Americans say pain has an impact on their overall life and enjoyment, 77% of Americans say their pain causes them to feel depressed, one in three people report not getting enough sleep due to pain. These are only some and not to mention the ding your wallet is taking due to your pain. It was reported that pain is a public health problem that cost 560+ billion dollars or equal to $2,000 per person. 36 million Americans miss work due to pain, missing work results in less money and possibly a firing and no job,  The numbers continue to climb, pain continues to get worse and America continues to ignore the fact that we are out of shape, lazy and digging our own graves everyday with the horrible food choices, lack of movement and exercise and poor sleep we endure day in and day out for years on years. The solution starts with you. You hold the ability to make yourself feel better, healthier and not in pain anymore. No one is going to get you help, you have to help yourself. Get out of pain, feel strong, confident and energetic everyday with a little bit of movement, changes in nutritional choices, daily habits and more. Your kids deserve a healthy Mother and Father they can play with, your grand kids deserve a healthy Grandmother and Grandfather, your siblings kids deserve a healthy Aunt and Uncle. If you are not going to do it for yourself do it for them.  Sources:  https://www.nih.gov/news-events/news-releases/nih-analysis-shows-americans-are-pain https://www.thegoodbody.com/chronic-pain-statistics/#dealing-with-pain https://www.thegoodbody.com/chronic-pain-statistics/#cost-on-economy

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