We Often Suffer More In Our Imagination Then We Do In Reality

What exactly does the title of this article mean?

"We often suffer more in our imagination than we do in reality"....

If you take a second to think about it, you are probably a guilty of this. You have one time or another sat alone and or with a group of people, made up a scenario or situation in your head that is so dramatic and unrealistic, thought about that scenario for way to long, ended up convincing yourself it was true and could happen, caused yourself to suffer in the now and the present and deprived yourself of happiness and peace. All because of something you made up in your head.

If you are telling yourself none of that is you, you are lying. You cannot sit her and tell me and or yourself that you have never made up a scenario in your head that never actually ended up happening or being real but still it made you anxious and or worried more than you should have.

We do this everyday whether you admit it or not. Hit traffic, you're going to be late to work, your boss is going to be pissed, your co workers are going to scold you and you are going to get fired. When in reality, you show up late, you tell your boss about the traffic, they understand, you go on about your day.

The day before a test, you study your butt off, you remember all that is to remember for the test. You get to the test, you see a question you did not study and or remembering studying for. You instantly panic and end up telling yourself you are screwed. When in reality it is one question. One out of 20, so you get a 19/20 instead of a 20/20.

You have one day until your phone interview. From your last conversation it seemed as if the people were happy with your resume and seemed to like you. Yet, you tell yourself there is something wrong, they are being nice for some reason, they are not going to offer you the job, your phone is going to lose service right before the call, you are going to choke and not know what to say, they'll end up hating you and offer the job to someone else. When in reality, you'll do fine during the phone interview, and if they do not like you, you'll find another job.

See, these things happen daily, we create scenarios and situations in our heads that are made up and or fake. We do this more often than we think, the only way to stop it is to be conscious of it and realize when we are doing it. Some call it self-sabotaging, some call it anxiety, some call it fear, whatever it may be, the only way to stop it is to recognize when we do it. Ask ourselves why we are doing it. Do not react. Take inventory and move on.

In this week's podcast episode I talk about it this exact topic. To listen click below. Enjoy!


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