Training While Being Sore...

Today's topic of discussion is training while being sore. The reason I speak about is because I have been experiencing this myself and wonder how many people just skip the gym cause they are a little sore or really sore.

While I am all for taking days and listening to your body it is also important to realize a few things that come with working out. First and foremost, if you cannot train some days when you are sore then training perhaps is not for you, I say that because it is literally inevitable you will get sore you will have tightness and aches and pains and some muscle soreness that will be "painful". BUT you have to be able to bear the uncomfortable feeling of soreness and not overthink it and just move on with your workout. Now if the soreness goes on for 4-6 days it is a bigger issue than being sore. But 1-2 days of some soreness or feeling as if you have some knots in your muscles is really nothing to throw your arms in the air about and over react to. It's normal we all get sore and we all deal with some uncomfortable situations in the gym.

Secondly, as I referred to it above, you have to deal with the uncomfortable feeling of soreness sometimes and more often than not. Training is tough, it's not easy, it's not a walk in the park. The reason you train is to stress your body, allow your body to adapt to that stress until you put more stress on the body or a different stress and then the body has to adapt to the new stress. Training is meant to put your muscles and body under a certain stress threshold and if you push past that, you'll likely be sore and or deal with some aches and pains.

Lastly, soreness comes from a magnitude of factors in the body. Poor sleep? Slept in a different bed? Traveling? Did not eat normally or the same as usual? Try a new movement? Up the reps in your workout? Poor warm up? Sitting down all day and then going to workout? You get the point it comes from a variety of factors. And in today's day and age we hear all about ways to never be sore again, remove soreness, I have this tool to make you not sore, do cryotherapy, use this massage gun, and it goes on and on. We tend to overthink soreness as pain, and or injury. Everyone gets sore and it is your perception of soreness that will affect how you react to the soreness whether that is taking the day off or overreacting and buying a $240 massage gun or doing cryotherapy because you got sore a few times or more than usual.

Here's my biggest tips for reducing and or dealing with soreness.

1. Accept it. It will happen.

2. Love being sore and learn to train around it.

3. Eat well and eat your protein.

4. Hydrate well.

5. Sleep well.

6. Stretch and foam roll if need be.

7. Do not sit down and do nothing because that will make it worse.

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