Tip #4... Never be content

So you're the captain now, great. You think all the hard work is over? Wake up call it’s just getting started. The moment you become a leader the work only gets doubled, what you thought was hard work before is not even going to be considered work to you now. What you thought was good enough is not going to be even enough. There is no good enough and there is no getting content. Once you get that “C” or “A” the work is just beginning. Yeah accomplishments are great, awards are cool, but at the end of the day, this is what you should be expecting for yourself. You should not even be thinking about the awards or the accolades. The only thing you have on your mind is finishing the goal at hand and that goal is to make everyone and everything around you better. It is to raise everyone around you to your level and if they can’t do it, then you are failing. If you get a few good jobs, pats on the back, that means nothing. Are you content with a good job from your parents, or coach. Hell no, all that matters is did you win? Did we compete every second? Could we have been better? All your thinking about is next.

There’s a line in a book called Relentless by Tim Grover talking about Michael Jordan when he won a ring he would always put up an extra finger for the next ring. He won the championship one year and was already thinking about next year and what he was going to be doing. It is that mentality that gets you and your teammates to the next level. It’s not staying on the highs for too long. Once a game is over, it is always, great, next. Every good leader is tested when the team is at their lowest, because it’s easy to be a good leader when everyone is at their highest but when you have hit rock bottom, what are you going to do now? No pats on the backs, no good jobs, no smiles. Exactly why there is no being content with anything. There is no good enough or “so close” there is only we lost or we won. The moment you wake up and it’s game day you should have one objective in mind, play my heart out, do what the team needs and win the game. That's a simple mentality, if you come with that attitude to the game every time, you will notice others start to buy in. You'll start hearing players whisper "why is JJ always so serious" in the beginning of the year to "JJ's right we have to be better, we can do more" by the end of the year. Don't falter on your expectations because one or two people told you to slow down and relax, you don't buy into the good enough attitude because you had one upset win or did better than last year. You always strive for better at the end of the day. When you get home and it's just you, then ok celebrate small wins but show your teammates you are ok with average.

You have one job and that is to be unstoppable. You achieve that by never being content, never being satisfied, never being happy with the end result, 10 wins, should have been 11, 3-1 should have been 4-1 there is always room for improvement. Everyday you are tested in this category, are you getting better today or staying content? What are you doing to get better and push everyone else around you to the next level. At the end of the day there is always more to do. Never be content. Show the team that there is no good enough, we are striving for greatness, and that is only going to be the message if the leader is walking it.

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