Tip #3... It’s not about you, it’s about the team.

You think now just because you have a letter, it’s all about you, the lights are on you and it’s all about getting what is yours. Reality check, it’s not about you anymore realistically it was never about you but more importantly now it’s about everyone else on the team first then yourself. You want to be a good leader, put yourself last, whatever benefits the team the most gets priority, whatever the team wants to see gets done, what your teammates need gets done.

It goes from them calling you on the day off and just needing to talk about something, it’s them asking you for help with homework, it’s when their family member passes away or a close one passes you are the one they lean on. It’s when the coach is bringing you in his office to talk about stuff behind closed doors you let the team know because keeping the team first on the priority list is more important than pleasing the coach. It’s whatever is going on, the team knows and there are no secrets. It’s when you have your own homework to do and your teammate asks you to help with it. It’s about throwing away all your selfish and egotistical attitudes and no matter what putting everyone else before yourself. This starts by, no matter what is asked during the game of you, you do, it’s about playing your heart out every single moment because you know everyone else is asking you to, it’s about showing up on days you don’t feel well or are “just not there” mentally and putting a smile on and making sure everyone else is happy and feeling energetic.

You may be asking how do I do this? This all seems like a lot I don’t know if I can handle this. All great leaders don't know how to handle 99% of issues but they don’t think about it, they just act instinctively and trust their instinct. If you don’t have that instinctive mentality and response this position may not be for you. I’ll tell you right now, nearly every single speech I gave I had no idea what I was going to say going into it, or what I was even saying during it. Every single time a teammate asked me for help, I never thought how this could benefit me, I just said yes of course, what can I do. I made sure right from the start my teammates/players knew that I would run through a wall for them at the drop of a dime. No question about it, what do you need? Need help with your history homework, sure,need someone to talk to sure, need me to play a 3 minute shift, sure. No question about it, I was there and they knew I was there and they knew no matter what was going on in my life that shit did not matter because right here right now I am focused on you and helping you. It’s simply about throwing away all your selfish behaviors, throwing away the mentality of “how can this benefit me”, no it is always about everyone else first then yourself.

If the 20 plus other players/teammates are smiling and happy, you’re doing your job but there is always room for improvement. Never get content with a few smiles. It’s not about you, it’s about the team, no matter what the situation is the team comes first and you always comes last. Get used to it, if you don’t like it, you are not meant to be a leader.

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