TIP #2...No one cares if you have a letter on your chest.

These all are to be done at the same time, you can’t do nine of these and leave out the tenth, or this does not work. Understand all, apply all and you must instill/ live by them all. If I did have to say one that is extremely important it is this one for sure. “No one cares if you have a letter on your chest”, take that letter off, are you going to perform any differently? Does that letter actually make you a better player, if so, take it the fuck off because it is getting to your head. If you actually believe the letter on your chest means anything but a reminder to the team and coaches who’s going to lead by example and be the rock when everyone needs it most, then you are mistaken. If you believe you perform better with a letter, you don’t deserve one. Some of the best captains on many teams are always not the best players, wearing a “C” and being good at the sport have no correlation. But the moment you start thinking that “C” is your identity on and off the court, field, ice, etc then you need to get the letter off your chest as soon as possible.

I’ll be straightforward with you, the other team, the coaches, the referees, the fans, your teammates, your mom, dad, girlfriend, etc. NOT a single person gives a shit you have a letter on your chest. Get over yourself, the more you allow that letter to control your actions, emotions and thoughts the worse your team is going to be and the harder it is going to be to get control of the locker room. A letter is great, but it is not something you let make decisions for you, or control you. You let the letter control you, the game is going to go straight to the gutter and everyone will be saying “wow that letter got to their head”. Like I said before no matter the situation, letter or not you go out and battle every single day, every single chance you get like you are just one of the guys, just another regular player. Because at the end of the day you are no better than anyone else in that locker room. Players on your team are giving their all with no letter on their chest what makes you think you don’t have to, matter of fact if any one on that team is working harder, doing more than you then you don’t deserve the letter. The players on the team only go as far and work as hard as the person who’s wearing the “C” does.

If you want to see the best results from your team and yourself, simple as this, drop the whole letter mentality you have. Let go of that bullshit “because I have a letter” attitude, no one cares if you have a letter. Play every game like you don’t even have one and watch everyone else care and try more behind you. I wore a “C” my senior year of college, I knew it was on my chest, everyone else knew it was on my chest. There was no hiding the fact that it was there, but one thing you can never allow is “I’m the captain, so do what I say” mentality, just because you have a letter does not mean everyone else is going to do and say whatever the hell you say. At the end of the day, I cared about the kids on my team more than I cared for myself most times but whenever it came to them I never had any expectations for them, I never allowed them to upset me or bother me for not giving the effort I intended or I gave. You have a “C” words matter, what you say matters, but your ACTIONS matter most. Everyone is watching you but listen, do not, ever allow that “C” to get to your head and allow you to start making all the decisions all the time. It’s WE, not me.

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