My Honest Thoughts About The Corona Virus

It has been officially 50 days since I last watched an NHL hockey game, that is honestly how long I know I have been on "lock down". Now all Americans have probably been on lock down/quarantined for 50+ days in some parts of the United States and some parts of the U.S. are re-opening slowly at the moment. Either way, 1.5 months on lock down feels like an eternity, I'm sure you can all agree!

Before you begin to read this article. I do want to make something clear. I am writing to discredit the Corona Virus, I am writing to mock those who have been affected by the virus, I am not mocking those who have been locked up for 50 days. I do want people to understand that I know the seriousness this virus has on the U.S. and Americans and it is no laughing matter so please kindly, read my thoughts with an open mind and try to see what I am trying to get across here.

I understand the weight a virus and someone close to you being sick can hold. I understand the fear people are living in due to uncertainty of who has the virus or not. Their job, being laid off, no school, no sports for kids, summer activities may be put on halt. Who know what could happen!

To be honest, I know one thing is for certain.

We need to get back to work, back to seeing friends, family, going to sporting events, etc. not because I truly want to. To be honest I’ve lived my life normally. I’ve worked out. I’ve ran outside. I’ve gone grocery shopping. I got a job at a gas station to make sure I can survive. I've lived my life on the opposite side of how most people have been living lately.

I'm not talking for me though, to be honest, I'm not worried about myself. I’m talking for the people who deal with depression, suicidal thoughts, mental illness, anxiety etc. because if we are being honest, 800,000 Americans die from suicide a year. 43.8 million Americans deal with mental illness. I can go on about the severity this virus has on those who struggle internally, emotionally, mentally, etc. To me it’s clear that this virus will not affect NEARLY as many people as suicide and mental illness does. 

And you may be saying what does this virus have to do with suicide, mental illness, etc...?

Well, imagine being copped up in a house, not able to see friends, family, loved ones, people in general, socialize normally, or even when you try to socialize everyone is on edge as it is so they keep it short and quick. If you are someone who deals with mental illness or struggling to cope with your emotions and thoughts (the chatterbox of our mind) then this quarantine has probably put a toll on your mental, physical and spiritual health. I know what most of these people are going through, I have never dealt with the severity of mental illness and depression but when I was 21 years-old entering my senior year of college, I was in a rough spot mentally, nothing seemed to go my way, I could not fight my way out of a paper box it felt like and every day, I'd try to isolate myself from others, because I thought being alone is what I needed.

When at the end of the day if you are dealing with depression, mental illness, anxiety, etc being alone is honestly not the best thing for you and can only make things worse. I truly do worry for those who are going through the never ending fight within themselves.

I really do wonder if all this staying at home, sheltering place is worth it some days. Is it worth my mental health? My psychical health? Emotional health? I understand the virus is uncertain, we do not have a vaccine and it spreads very quickly but when we look at the facts of the virus and how many people are surviving, recovering from the virus and all the positive's of the virus. I cannot foresee this lasting much longer without some serious financial, mental and overall health implications following.

If you are someone who is so worried about the virus so much then stay home, that is fine, be safe! Have others grocery shop for you, get food, mow your lawn, whatever it may be. But you cannot sit there and complain about people not wearing masks or going out and not staying home if you are going out as well.

I truly wish we can all get over this soon. We all can bounce back better than ever. We all can prosper financially, mentally and spiritually. I hope we can all put aside our differences after this and come together as a nation.

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