Make The Choice & Move The F*ck On

I am intrigued again to write. I chose to live a life where I can essentially do whatever I please with my life and not have some old, spiteful, out of shape, slob of a boss looking over my shoulder telling me, "no you can't do that".

For those who do not know I actually graduated from college in 2018 with a Bachelors degree concreted in Journalism. Since graduation, I have not once used my degree to help further my future, earn an income and or land the employment I have. I actually did not even like my Journalism classes during my senior year of college, I was so fed up with reporting about negative things, having to have an opinion on everything, being the only uncommon opinion in the room and having to debate, argue and find a reason to pick apart things and report them. I haphazardly finished my Journalism degree, during my senor year I cared more about publishing for my sports website, making new friends and connections, playing hockey, spending time with friends and living life. During my senior year I worked as a nanny for a family in the area, the children were 9 and 12 years old. I would pick them up, hang out with them, play games. Parents come home, I'd leave. Go work my job as the Vice President of Club Sports Council, finish that. Go home, workout, eat. Run to practice and repeat. I did that for a few months. Around January, I landed a job as a YMCA day care worker in Hamilton, New Jersey at a elementary school. I'd go to the kids in the AM, play connect four with them and other games and then leave when they went to class. Go to my own class, workout, work my VP job, go to practice, repeat for several months. Towards the end of the school year I was getting ready to graduate and go to Graduate school, it's what I thought I wanted and was an easy way for me "figure out" what I wanted to do while still delaying the inevitable of the real world. I barely attended my classes the last three months of my senior year, I would skip, not go, do something else, workout, read, figure out my future, whatever it was I found something else to do besides this degree I was getting. Well I eventually went to Graduate school. I moved to Virginia in July and started a new chapter.... and within three months I hated it, the work environment, sitting at a desk, getting an educations degree, it all sucked, I did not want to do it and I was really second guessing what the fuck I was going to do. Luckily, I stumbled a coaching gig in Woodbridge Virginia around September and was head coaching a 14U travel hockey team. I made $1,800 coaching that year, I believe. My weekends were consumed with games or tournaments during the week we practiced, during the week at work, I'd watch NHL games and dissect games for fun, I'd draw up drills anything to keep my mind off the fact that I hated where I was. Time flew by and by the time I looked up it was April and I was getting ready to leave this position and move on but I did not know where. I applied to jobs all over the world for coaching, Europe, Boston, Tennessee, Iowa, New York, everywhere that would take me and let me coach. April 2019, I received an email from Ames Minor Hockey about my recent application to be their head coach of the High School team. Well, a few weeks later. I took the job, and decided I was moving to Iowa in July of 2019 to be the head coach of a high school (guaranteeing me only $9,000). I packed up, moved back home from May-July, lived life, waited tables to make money for life in Iowa, spent time with friends, drank beers, worked out, got a certification in strength and conditioning. Moved to Iowa and here I am 1 year and 2 months later.

One-year in I have created a training company for myself that I personally 1 on 1 train 10 clients, created a youth strength and conditioning program for the hockey organization(with 12 athletes enrolled already), run my High School team Varsity and JV squad, do all their practices and games as well as strength and conditioning, work with three clients online, helped open a gym with a mentor in the area, started my podcast and writing to you today to tell you....

Make the choice and move the f*ck on. Don't overthink it and think to yourself "if I do this will it work out? Can I do it?" With that attitude, no. Just make the choice, say alright here I go and move on. As young individuals we are so caught up in living the perfect life according to society and our parents that we get overwhelmed by the pressure we create for ourselves to fulfill these needs society set upon us and our parents set upon us that we never actually end up living a life we truly love and are happy in. Go to school, get a degree and use that degree or you are failure. Please, go piss off. I do not want to use my degree and if you think I'm a failure, see you in 20-years pal. Take what people say and shove it up their ass. People do not tell you what to do, you tell you what to do. Of course learn to listen when the criticism and or advice is needed but if someone gives you unwarranted advice tell them to fuck off kindly. At the end of the day you are never going to make the perfect choice, you'll make mistakes, fail and end up not loving the choice you made. Hell, who knows moving to Iowa could be the worst choice ever or the best, well see how it plays out and I'll move on from there. But at the end of the day you have the power to make the choice the best choice or the worst. So start living with some meaning and stop worrying about making the perfect choice. Make a choice and move the fuck on.

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