Importance of Progressions in Weight Training

This will be one of my quicker blogs, anyways yesterday I posted a video of one of my clients doing a depth drop with a med ball. I said on the story "what is the progression?" A lot of people probably look at the word progression and have no idea what it means quite frankly and some people over bastardize the progression tool of weight training.

Simply put the whole idea of progression is simply this (for me personally), you give an athlete an exercise you measure how they have done with said exercise and you progress them if need be. For example if my client can do a Rear Foot Elevated Squat very well and without much error, then a progression could be a skater squat to a 4-6 inch raised ball, pad, etc. BUT when we do the skater squat the first time it'll be with no weight for 3-4 sets and possibly the first week or two then when they can do body weight skater squats well we can progress to some weight.

The tough thing about progressions is that one week your client could be looking like a total anomaly and making progress so quickly, this could go on for 2-3 weeks even and you're just like, "wow he/she picked this up all so quick, what is next?". That is when you get to a progressive overload template, eccentric tempo, concentric tempo and just play around with some factors like tempo, weight and rest. Either way your client will more than likely not progress extremely quick and even if they do, simplicity and hammering home the basics are the best way to go with a lot of people.

I've attached a very simple progression sheet I follow for most of my 14U clients who never have trained before and or play sports and are completely new to weight lifting. We go through very basic body weight jumping stuff, some simple pressing and single leg exercises, sprinting and as the months go on and they master the basics we add in some variety that they enjoy.

HINT: Kids LOVE bench pressing.

P.S. go get a 15lb training barbell and you can allow for MOST 10-14 year olds to bench with your 15 lb training bar.

Progression sheet - Roster (1)
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