How To NOT Give A F**K About What People Think

This is headline may seem as if I am suggesting you should not care about what anyone thinks but that is not the case, so continue to read on and listen.

What I am saying here, is essentially "stop giving a f**k about what the wrong people think" and when I say wrong people I mean the people who know nothing about you, who have no idea what you do in your spare time, no idea about what you do behind closed doors and or what not give you the time or day to speak. Stop caring about what the keyboard warriors of the internet think, stop caring about what the 24-year-old who still lives with their mommy and daddy think, stop caring about what the teenager who just graduated High School thinks, stop caring about the 40-year-old coming at you about your post thinks, because clearly that person has nothing better to do with their life. Stop caring about the wrong people think!

For me, it is pretty easy, I look at the person who is criticizing and think what the f**k is this person doing in life? Nothing. Sounds good, because they clearly will never do anything in life and come 10 years we can re-address where we both are at in life. Take a look at the person who tries to bring you down, they really took the time out of their day to (a) go out of their way to find something wrong with what you said, (b) formulate an opinion to disagree with you (c) they are focusing on you rather than themselves (d) they feel good about themselves by trying to bring you down. Sounds like a healthy person to me and someone I should care about.

Life has so many "haters" and "doubters" out there imagine trying to keep up and listen to everything these keyboard warriors say and think? Take what they say and shove it up their a**. And what I mean by that is simply, use what they say to fuel your behavior in a positive way. Someone says you're lazy, no good, won't do anything in life and or an idiot, child, stupid, etc. Show them who you really are with your actions. Go out and blow them out of the water. That's what I do.

I've had countless amount of professors and teachers seriously doubt my ability to work and succeed in the real life. So what do I do? Show them that they are idiots and they were completely wrong about me. I won't go into details about what I do in life now, because at the end of the day, who cares. I know these people were wrong about me so why waste the energy trying to explain how they were wrong. I've had hundreds of kids my age and younger try to bring me down by questioning my morals, characteristics, values, etc. and what do I do? Show them that they have no idea who I am and what I do.

When you take so much time focusing on what other people think about you and what they say about you. Inevitably, what happens? You start to listen and believe what those people say about you. You do not focus so much on your own life and taking action in your life. You allow the judgement of others to fog your thought process and brain and make irrational decisions, slip up at work, miss an assignment, etc. Stop focusing on what the wrong people are saying and make their opinions and judgement of you be the worst thing they ever said. Be fearless, tell people to f**k off as kindly as possible and stop worrying about what the no-good, no bodies of this world are saying about you. They dont know you , they dont need to know you. You know you, you know what you do, who you are and how much of an impact you are making on others in life and your own life. Be confident in yourself and do not allow OPINIONS to break you.

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