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This morning I went live on Instagram ( @leadbyexampletraining_ ) <--- that's an underscore at the end. ANY WHO! I did a live workout on my Instagram today and as I was working out I was explaining why I am doing the movements I am doing, some easy cues for people who are not as experienced in the gym, and just go to thinking. Most people are probably so lost right now when it comes to trying to structure an at home workout and have no idea what to do so they either do nothing or do something for 1-2 weeks and then stop because they lost motivation and feel as if what they are doing is pointless. Which is why I am here right now writing this blog to help you structure a SUSTAINABLE at home work out that will be easy to transfer and sustain once gyms open back up. I am all for going off structure and doing difficult workouts every once and a while. Heck, I ran 10-17 miles a week for 3 weeks but doing so I fell off my workout goals and noticed I was not going to be ale to sustain running and lifting at the same time with the body structure and weight I am at right now. So, I sat down, went back to the drawing board and hopefully starting next week I am able to sustain my initial plan for the following weeks.

Below you will find a TEMPLATE of a 3-day full body at home workout plan, with exercises you can plug in on whatever day you want. There are more movements you can do but this is a basic, very simple start for everyone. With this template it would be suggested to go and buy dumbbells (5 lb - 30 lbs) and some bands (I'll put a link at the bottom for bands), if you don't have either. Get creative or ask me for help on what you can do.

At home workout template: FOUR WEEK; 3-day full body program

Week 1: 3 sets 6-8 reps

Week 2: 3 sets 8-10 reps

Week 3: 4 sets 8-10 reps

Week 4: 4 sets 10-12 reps

Day 1:

Quad exercise

Hamstring exercise



Day 2:

Quad exercise

Hamstring exercise




Day 3:

Quad exercise

Quad exercise

Hamstring exercise




Quad/Hamstring exercise(s)

  • Goblet squat

  • Split stance squat

  • 1-leg Bulgarian split squat

  • Side lunge

  • Cossack squat

  • Forward lunge

  • Reverse lunge

  • 1-leg step up

  • 1-leg deadlift

  • Nordic hamstring

  • 1-leg RDL

  • Banded good morning

  • Hip thrust

  • Glute bridge


  • Push ups (close grip, wide grip, shoulder width)

  • Dumbbell press

  • Banded press

  • 1-arm dumbbell or banded press

  • Seated shoulder press

  • Push press

  • 1-arm shoulder press

  • Dips

  • Pallof press (pallof press to overhead)


  • Dumbbell unsupported row

  • Dumbbell 1-arm row

  • Banded row (2-arm or 1-arm)

  • Pull ups (wide, neutral, supinated)

  • Inverted row

  • 3-D pull apart

  • Band pull apart(s)

  • Plank hold with a banded row

  • Face pulls (w/ a band)

  • Upright row (dumbbells or band)

Bands (click on it, dumbo)


- Go to Facebook Market place

- Go to Walmart, Target, etc

- Ask friends and family

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